Title: Svbtle
Website link: https://www.svbtle.com
Category: Blog
Reviewed by: Hemkiry Song

The blogging platform from designer Dustin Curtis has, in my opinion, the slickest user experience of any blogging platform out there. (Speaking as someone who has a Svbtle blog.)

The user interface feels like a doodle pad or to-do list, making it a place where I can easily jot down thoughts and come up/develop ideas, while it runs in Markdown.

Just looking at the layout that readers see shows the elegance and thought behind the site. Svbtle was initially available on an invite-only basis when this blogging guide was first published, but the service later opened up to all users in January 2014.

Pros: Beautifully designed.

Cons: Interestingly, it doesn’t include a commenting system — perhaps a pro and con.
Rating: 3/5